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The TPL, GPL and GPLK series achieve a high heat transfer performance with low-pressure losses. The thermodynamically optimized corrugation of the embossed stainless steel plates, as well as the special, FUNKE insert turbulence plates (TPL), produce a high turbulent flow even at low volume flow rates. This allows for an extremely efficient use of the available heat exchange area, leading to a highly efficient heat transfer. The turbulent flows

also result in a powerful self-cleaning effect, which greatly reduces long downtimes and maintenance costs. FUNKE brazed plate heat exchangers can be operated with high pressures and temperatures and stand out for their compact design.


Originally developed specifically for applications such as cooling hydraulic and motor oil, TPL brazed plate heat exchangers are also ideally suited and deployable for other application processes in mechanical and plant engineering. TPL satisfy the high demands in this area with regard to reliability and thermodynamic efficiency – and can be designed with the utmost flexibly!

The exceptionally high heat transfer performance is achieved by means of diagonal media flow as well as special turbulence plates inserted into the flow gaps, a technology developed and produced exclusively by FUNKE. The turbulence plates are available in different versions, making the technical design very flexible. Each individual flow channel can be adapted to the specific application thanks to the modular design of the TPL. Another advantage of the TPL is its high resilience, as the surface soldering makes it possible to achieve a significantly higher level of safety under stress compared to the spot soldering used in conventional brazed plate heat exchangers. Stress conditions in the heat exchanger caused by differences in pressure or temperature, for example, can be absorbed significantly better thanks to the surface soldering of the TPL. TPL can be used universally with different media. Small sizes with low space requirements are possible for media with higher viscosity thanks to the high heat transfer of the powerful TPL. The optional extended end plates also facilitate the installation of the already very compact units.

Technical data

Heat exchange surface per plate: 0.04 - 3 m²
Max. operating pressure: 25 bar
Max. operating temperature: 200°C


  • WA plates: 1.4404 (AISI 316 L)
  • Solder: copper 99.9% (TPL)
  • Solder: stainless steel 100% (TPLB)



Many possible applications, including special applications in chemical facilities or laboratories where highly corrosive media such as heat-transfer oil are processed. Used in building services as system separation in cycles such as district heating, solar technology and heat pumps, as well as in floor heating and service water heating.

Stainless steel, brazed plate heat exchangers are suitable for drinking water.

Technical data

Max. operating pressure: 25 bar / 30 bar (standard), higher pressures available on request
Max. operating temperature: +350°C (standard)
CE certified


100% stainless steel



Mainly used in heating, air conditioning, motor cooling and heat recovery.Can be used universally with different media.

Technical data

Max. operating pressure: 30 bar
Max. operating temperature: +200°C


  • WA Plates: 1.4401 / AISI 316
  • Solder: copper
  • Nickel (NPLK)