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Quality policy

The basis of our success – customized, high-quality heat exchangers

  • Testimonial - Andreas Axt
    Andreas Axt

    ‘A solid family company offering a future.’

    I work on modern CNC-machining centres, processing high-quality materials. So quality, reliability and continuity are the main factors in how the work I do turns out.

Over our forty-year history, FUNKE – while retaining the values of a family-run business – has developed a corporate culture enshrining values that form the basis for our mission to develop innovative, high-quality heat exchangers.

Management has derived a comprehensive quality policy from these values, in order to fulfil the standards we have set ourselves in relation to high-quality products and sustainable working methods. This policy has been internalized by our employees, who implement it in their everyday activities.

Customer satisfaction is a top-priority focus of this quality policy. We are committed to developing lasting business relationships, by means of customer-oriented practices and close collaborations, and to impressing our customers with our prices, punctuality, quality and flexibility. Every day we strive to produce high-quality heat exchangers for our customers’ specific requirements. Our diverse portfolio of products caters primarily to exacting customers in the HVAC, hydraulics, chemical, petrochemical, process gas technology, and shipbuilding sectors.

The design and computation of our heat exchangers take account of all relevant statutory provisions, safety regulations and standards. In our dealings with government bodies, we emphasise clear communication and close collaboration.

Our quality policy is built on a combination of customer-oriented working methods, technical expertise, and compliance with all technical standards and regulations. Quality policy stipulations are realised in routine activities by means of an integrated management system in which all processes are continuously planned, controlled, and monitored. This is how we identify deficiencies in our quality management and exploit areas for improvement.

Our workforce is a further pillar of our quality policy. A high level of technical expertise in all areas of the company and an innovative R&D department reinforce our commitment to providing unequalled products. Good performance in terms of quality and environmental standards, personal initiative and forward thinking are encouraged at all levels and in all departments by means of regular training sessions on quality and environmental policy, and by equipping our workforce with the pertinent skills.