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    Registered Office:
    2nd Floor, Pooja House, 860/2,Hiramodi Street, Sagrampura
    Ring Road, Surat, 395002, Gujarat, India

    Block No.436 , Near Palsana Highway Crossing ( N.H.No:8)
    Palsana,Surat 394315,Gujarat, India

    T +91 262 226 54 30
    F +91 262 226 54 22
    E-Mail info @ funkeheatex.com
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    Real efficiency
    in every respect.

    Impressive operating values, compact dimensions.

    Find out more about our fully welded
    ‘FunkeBloc’ block heat exchanger.


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    Flexibility to meet
    your every need.

    Safety and efficiency starts in the details.

    Find out more about our plate heat exchangers


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    that’s anything
    but standard.

    In both standard and customised configurations,
    our shell-and-tube heat exchangers deliver.

    Find out more.


  • Testimonial - Marjan Babic
    Marjan Babic

    ‘Challenging, family-like, competent.’

    The family atmosphere at FUNKE is a key factor in my view. Working at FUNKE is all about teamwork, whether you’re programming tube cut-off machines or assembling the actual heat exchangers themselves.

product quality

At FUNKE, product quality begins with our employees’ dedication and determination, as only employees who are wholly committed to what they do can guarantee uncompromising product quality.

We believe in product quality. We are FUNKE.

Find out more about our quality policy.


  • Testimonial - Fabian Klar
    Fabian Klar

    „There’s no such word as can’t“

    At FUNKE we’re constantly working to improve our products. I’m a CAD specialist, so an ongoing task is to optimise design engineering processes to make production more efficient.